Why CS @ MAJU?

Why Computer Science @ MAJU

Following are some of the reasons to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at MAJU:
  • Highly Qualified and energetic faculty (majority PhDs)
  • Modern learning and teaching methodologies including:
  • Interactive Class Discussions
  • Problem solving based Learning
  • Interactive Class Activities
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Cooperative learning
  • Conceptual and thought provoking term examination and tests
  • Interactive Lecture Handouts
  • Online teaching evaluation
Latest pedagogical tools using technology including:
  • MAJU Online Portal (majuonline.edu.pk) is an online portal that features course topic discussions, question and answers under direct supervision of course instructors, lecture and assignment posting, resource sharing, etc.
  • Twitter (www.twitter.com) as a teaching, learning and communication aid
  • Facebook (www.facebook.com) as a teaching and learning and communication aid
  • Automated email-based student performance advisory
  • Strong Industrial relationship
  • Technology Incubators for student

The Department of Computer Science offer BS(CS),BS(SE), MS(CS) and PhD(CS) programs with different specializations. There are over 1000 alumni of Computer Science department who are contributing effectively in the industry and thus paying their due share towards national growth.

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