Vision / Mission

The Department of Computer Science offer BS(CS),BS(SE), MS(CS) and PhD(CS) programs with different specializations. There are over 1000 alumni of Computer Science department who are contributing effectively in the industry and thus paying their due share towards national growth.


  • To be among the nation’s leading research and teaching Computer Science departments.
  • Envision being able to endow in tomorrow, by advancing in one of the most innovative and in comparable computer science departments in the nation


  • Provide high quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs in computer science and software engineering.
  • The department will be a leader in computer science education and the vanguard of educational innovation and disseminating contemporary knowledge, preparing radiant graduates qualified in the most modern tools and technologies, and determined to make Pakistan a world leader.
  • The faculty will be recognized for the distinction of their research and will instigate the national and international agenda.

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